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The Gig Economy Sucks

It’s time to disrupt the disruptors. Tribe is a community of tech and creative professionals who believe we can build a better system ourselves.

No more extractive platforms, exploitative staffing agencies, or freelancing headaches. At Tribe, you’re more than talent getting shuffled from project to project. You’re an owner with a vote and a voice to govern how your labor is sold. You’ll land great tech and creative roles for companies looking to hire top talent, all with the support of your fellow worker-owners.


Become a Member. Change the Game.

We’re Making Work Better for Workers

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As one of Tribe’s worker-owners, you’ll

  • Share equally in profits

  • Set rates transparently and collaboratively

  • Get a vote in all member decisions and board elections

  • Give input on our choice of clients

  • Gain access to Tribe’s hiring and collaboration platform

  • Receive the fellowship and support of our diverse community of members

  • Get paid every two weeks and healthcare when working full-time

  • Bring your current clients with you and get a bonus of up to $2,000


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