Rights / Superpowers

  • You have a say so in how rates are set for yourself and for Tribe

  • Ability to see our business details if you so desire and your eyes don’t glaze over

  • Vote on issues affecting Tribe. Each member has a vote

  • Paid for your work on a regular schedule. You’d be surprised that this doesn’t always happen at many agencies.

  • Help to choose clients and what areas we’re focusing on.

  • Shape the direction Tribe goes

  • Get Patronage in accordance with work done


  • Attend at least 3 meetings of the Staffing Cooperative or its subsidiaries, including Tribe. Yeah, we know everyone just loves meetings. /s But they’re a necessary evil to come to agreement or at least consensus on various issues.

  • Membership buy-in. There are a bunch of ways of doing this (upfront, pay-as-you-work, pay in installments, etc.)

  • Help to interview and onboard new members

  • Promote Tribe to others as an alternative to the current staffing agency model

  • Have an owner mentality when dealing with clients. 

  • Be a Buddy to new members