Find the Perfect Fit

Tribe Works moves beyond applicant tracking with the first end-to-end talent engagement platform.


How Tribe Works

We help you find the right people for the job that are aligned around your goals and give them the support they need to do their best work. Tribe Works is a talent engagement platform that simplifies the hiring process so you only connect with the right candidates every time. 



Candidate Engagement That Works

Get your job noticed by motivated candidates ready to make a move. When you submit a job, Tribe Works leverages peer-review to ensure the post is the sharpest recruiting tool possible, then automatically posts it to the top relevant job sites to reach millions of candidates interested in your roles. As workers apply, our peer-review screening process filters through hundreds of applicants to leave you with the workers best suited for the job. Our collaboration tools let your team share candidate notes and messages before deciding who to hire.

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Find the Skills You Need

More importantly, you’ll gain access to our community of talented professionals who are ready and able to meet the needs of your business. Simply search and filter by skill, location, availability, experience and more to discover the best candidates. Each result includes a detailed profile so you can learn more and reach out directly right on the platform.

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A Fully Managed Recruitment Process

Don’t let a stellar hire slip through the cracks of a frustrating system. Let us streamline the hiring process for you. From mobile-friendly applications to consistent communications to painless interview scheduling, our platform and our people help you find and attract the best candidates for your open roles. We manage and deliver asynchronous video interview results right to your inbox and tailor questions and challenges to fit your goals for every role you need. We even manage the background and reference checks to give you some peace of mind.

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Hiring That Works

For You!


Hire Directly

Great people want big challenges.Take the talent off the market by offering a permanent role directly to the candidate. We help facilitate the offer process and help cover travel expenses for in-person interviews.


Get Acquainted

Sometimes it’s better to try before you buy. A single bad hire could cost your business $25,000 to $50,000 or more. Structure a 90 day trial period with the goal of making a full time hire.


Fast and Flexible

Engage with our network of talented professionals on a per project basis. We can work to help place an individual contributor to get things done.


Contractor Benefits

The Icing on the Cake

With Tribe Works you can offer the flexibility of freelancing with the stability of W2 employment. Attract and retain better talent by offering your contractors full medical coverage under the cooperative’s health care plan. You don’t have to be a fortune 500 company to care for your people.

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